Featuring our Cuddle Bugs Resort Suites

Our suites provide your dog with a comfortable stay and first-class amenities.

Your dog will have a spacious suite, 4-6 potty sessions, outside playtime, a comfy orthopedic bed, a room cleaned daily, meals prepared just like at home, and fresh water at all times.

 We can also combine your dogs in the same suite if you choose for a 10% discount.

Boarding Pricing

Pet parents may select from various suite sizes; prices are per overnight:
  • Very Small Suite for 30 lbs or less dogs – $30.50
  • Small Suite for 31 lbs – 60lbs – $33.00
  • Medium Suite for 61lbs – 90 lbs – $33.50
  • Large Suite for 91 lbs – 120 lbs – $34.00
  • Extra Large Suite for over 120 lbs – $36.00
We also offer a multi-pet discount!

Boarding with Doggie Daycare

 Your dog will enjoy an entire day at our Doggie DayCare Pawesome Playground, which includes scheduled daily activities to constantly keep your dog stimulated.

What’s great about this all inclusive package is your dog  plays hours on end, giving them the ability to mingle and make new friends.


Boarding Packages

When starting Cuddle Bugs, we met a lot of people who needed to board their pups several times a year. As a way of saying Thank You, we now offer Boarding Packages.
  • 10 nights of boarding – Starting at $289.75
  • 15 nights of boarding – Starting at $411.75
  • 20 nights of boarding – Starting at $536.80
  • 30 nights of boarding – Starting at $786.90

*Package prices listed above are for 30 lbs. or less, but packages are available for all sizes of dogs. Please call for packages prices.

All boarding packages are good for 12-months from date of purchase.


We recommend that you provide your own food to help keep your pets digestion system happy. We are happy to prepare your pet’s meals as if they were at home. We have refrigeration and heating capacity.

If requested, we can provide nutritional food for your dog or cat staying at our resort at no additional charge; please let us know upon check in.

Add-ons (á la carte)

Add these á la carte items when booking Boarding or Doggie Day Care, when you drop off your pup, or anytime during their stay!

Yappy Hour

A yummy cold treat to make their tummies happy! Your pup will be presented with a Kong frozen with peanut butter inside for their ultimate enjoyment.


Benefits of massage include: relieves tension, relaxes muscles, prevents injury, enhances muscle tone and alleviates stiffness and restores mobility. This 10 minute massage after a long day of playing may be just what your pup needs.


Starting price.
Nothing will soothe your pet more than a calm and loving brush session. Your pet will be showered with one-on-one affection while having their coat brushed.

Cuddle Time

20 minutes of one-on-one attention. It's up to you how this time is spent. It can be spent just cuddling on the couch with your pet, an extra long walk outside, or one on one playtime. Your pup will get exclusive attention with our Pet Concierge.

Extra Playtime

15 minutes of extra playtime with our Pet Concierge.

Bonus Goodies

Prices vary on the treats you choose.
Cuddle Bugs Pet Resort provides a variety of treats. For those busy times when you forget to pack those little extras or when you board regularly with us and find it much more convenient to purchase a special treat at check-in.

Evening Snack Attack

Give them a special treat of a durable rubber toy filled with a yummy snack to keep them occupied and fill their tummy before falling asleep!

Pup Cake

Everyone deserves a treat as they drift off to slumberland! A pet concierge will come bearing sweet treats and cuddles before we close up shop for the evening to ensure that your pup is all snug as a bug.

Pet Wipe Refresher

Before bedtime or prior to checkout, your pup can enjoy non-toxic, paraben-free and alcohol-free Shea Butter Pet Wipe. This relaxes them prior to bed or feeling refreshed prior to going home.


As time permits, we provide pictures of your pup on social media. Please understand this is complimentary and there is not any guarantee we will get pictures of your dog(s). We do our best but it is based off of our staffing levels and if we have time. We will never sacrifice the well being of your loved ones for pictures. We appreciate your understanding.

“Ruff”errals Discount Program

Our “Ruff”erral program is great!

For every customer you refer to us for boarding, daycare, grooming, or even to visit our beautiful pet boutique, you will receive $10.00 off your next boarding or doggie day care purchase.

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