Sadie 's Salon & SPA

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Grooming Specials
Grooming includes: Bath, Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner, Nail Care, Hand Blow Dry, Hand Brushing, Ear Cleaning

  • Small Breed/ Short Hair 40 Lbs. or less $18.99
  • Small Breed/Long Hair 40 Lbs. or less $22.99

  • Med. Breed/ Short Hair 41-75 Lbs. $23.99
  • Med. breed/ Long Hair 41-75 Lbs. $27.99

  • Large Breed/ Short Hair Over 75 Lbs. $28.99
  • Large Breed/ Long Hair Over 75 Lbs. $32.99

Splash-N-Dash add on to our Overnight Boarding Guests

  • Small Breed/ Short Hair 40 Lbs. or less $14.99, Long Hair, $18.99

  • Med. Breed/ Short Hair 41-75 Lbs. $19.99, Long Hair $23.99

  • Large Breed/ Short Hair Over 75 Lbs. $24.99, Long Hair, $28.99

Grooming Spa Additional Services Menu

  • Nail Clipping $10
  • Nail Dremel $14.95
  • Tooth Brushing $4.95
  • Palm Balm $4.95
  • Breath Spray $4.95
  • Flea & Tick Shampoo $4.95
  • Facial Scrub $4.95
  • Scissor Trim around Face and feet $5.95
  • Sanitary Trim $6.95
  • 10 minute Furminator $5.95
  • 30 minute Furminator $14.95

Exfoliating Scrub $5.95 (Medicated) Heels Excessively Dry, Irritated Skin (Hot Spot’s), Oily Coats & Relief from Scratching.
Walk-In Services
We are happy to offer walk-in services for nail clipping and dremel.
The Refresher- Great for Day Care or Resort Guests
Add on a Nice Refresher After a Long Day of Play!!
Visit Sadie’s Salon and Spa located at Cuddle Bugs Pet Resort where you can pair up a Splash-n-Dash with Doggie Day Care! Your dog can play all day, and then go home bushy and bushed! You can choose from a variety of specialty shampoos to keep your dog smelling great! A clean dog can help in preventing unwanted scratching, dry skin, and nail issues.
Splash-n-Dash add on for current Resort Guests
Resort Guests participating in overnight boarding can choose the option of adding a Splash-n-Dash grooming session to their stay at a discount. The Grooming package is exactly the same as above, but at a discount!!!
Required Up To Date On Vaccinations

Add On SPA Services

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